Thursday, November 9, 2017

Monday, October 30, 2017

muse and musings

Hello! wow it's been a while...
The last project I had to work on at uni was for Fine art - I basically just explored what fascinated me; nature, symbols, body and landscape. I decided to work with photography as I always bang on about doing it but never actually get round to (laziness). But here are the final photos! I used an analogue 35mm camera and a DSLR. + some purple acetate over the lens in the photos of Mali (check her blog out) x 

I turned it into a photo diary/zine thing with some musings of mine surrounding the images! Above is the final piece.  
Cleo x

Monday, September 11, 2017


Hey guys, hope everyone is doing good considering it's that time of year when things may start to get stressful & busy again! Also can we take a second to commemorate the sudden and unexpected death of summer this year. RIP. But aside from that, I do start my art foundation tomorrow so that should be really exciting, I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and of course, devoting my time to being creative! I can't wait to see how my work changes and develops over the next year, especially my fashion and textile work.


Yesterday I came across an amazing hat stall in Convent garden market. I got this gem, a green 80s style beret (that's also very fuzzy!) and I'm actually in love. The designer (I regretfully did not get his name) was extremely talented and was working on a hat as we arrived, of course all the hats are hand made and original. My style of beret was a new one he was working on - and he said he was chatting with Tom Ford (you know, just as you do) and berets are very 'in' and the 80s style is apparently making a comeback. 

I thought I'd include a fave summer find in this post. I really love this shirt, I bought it on Depop and have been wearing it so much! The pattern is very unique and is a thin, but sturdy fabric. I love detailed shirts in general - honestly you can never have too many (okay possibly). 

Also, exciting news, Sweet Thang, an arts + literary zine for and by black womxn is on their way with Issue No. 2!!! Check out their instagram and be sure to keep up to date with what's happening next with this sweet publication.
Thanks for reading! Cleo xx