Monday, June 5, 2017

half-way through

Hi fellow reader, thanx for dropping by.

How are we half-way through 2017 already? It does feel like its been a very long year, but still, time has been going waay too fast. Last week was my graduation and prom which was absolutely looovely - I do not, however, feel grown up at all. Aside from this accelerating pace into exams, uni and all the above, I wanted to look back a lil' bit on this insanely creative (and stressful) few months.
but first, enjoy my lil mood boards  (All pictures found on Tumblr)

1. Internship with Citizens of Humanity 

~During the first week of April, I was lucky enough to assist the denim brand Citizens of Humanity with their press day + event, which showcased their new collection as well as exhibited the photography of Giles Duley and his work 'Legacy Of War'. Two months later, not only can I not look at denim in the same way, but Duley's photography continues to chill me, leaving me with absolutely no words to describe them. Please have a look at his stories and pictures for yourself. It was honestly so awesome getting this insight into the fashion industry as well as into event planning. Throughout the week, I helped with things from creating the event playlist and pressing the amazing garments to rushing to buy mountains of Tupperware containers. I would definitely want to work with them again and get further internships of this sector!

2. Barbican

~Much more recently, I was a part of the 'Barbican Young Visual Arts Group' which ended with a collectively curated exhibition where we showcased our work. w o w i cannot even explain how much of an invaluable experience it was - all in all it was just a chance to play around with art, explore visual culture and produce pieces of work inspired by the Barbican and the world. Hear for it yourself here: a beautifully created promo video that was made on the day of the showcase. For the showcase, entitled 'Are You Sitting Comfortably?', I produced 18 large-scale prints, inspired by the style of  'ABC' cards - but all together spelling out the words 'DECOLONISE YOUR MIND'. See my last post for pics of them! It was chiefly inspired by the title of one of magazine 'STRIKE!'s previous issues and of course it is a message that I stand for deeply. STRIKE has honestly changed me a bit (a lot) and I think that the topics they address are well rounded, relevant and extremely real. It's everything I stand for and hope to be able perpetuate and share with people. nOT only are they well researched and accurate, they just don't give a shit really and talk about things in an informative and engaging way. I would definitely recommend that you check out this publication - I'm certain you will not regret it.  "STRIKE! Magazine is a platform for those involved in grassroots resistance, anti-oppression politics, and the philosophies and creative exspressions surrounding these movements."

3. What Keeps You Awake At Night?

~An awesome film project came my way last month called 'What Keeps You Awake At Night?'. 12 people were chosen to stay over in the bedrooms of Battersea Arts Centre and answer that question in the dead of night. There was a camera and two lights set up in the bedroom and we were asked to film ourselves several times (for variety) and respond to the question in any way we liked. Some people produced scripts of spoken word or poetry, others performed and others just sat there and thought aloud. What intrigued me about the project was the breadth of different responses that could arise from that one question. The diversity of people chosen to take part in the project was also really cool and I cannot wait to see the final 12 short films that are being edited by amazing film maker Erin Hopkins.

(All pictures found on Tumblr)  thanks for reading! ~ Cleo  xxx