Sunday, April 30, 2017

coming back to this place

BONJOUR! Ça va? je suis désolée que je n'ai pas visité cette blog depuis longtemps!!! 
(bc apologies sound way better in french)
        MY (half-way through) 2017 VISION BOARD:
I love creating these. My older sister first introduced them to me - basically you get some newspapers/magazines/anything and cut stuff out of them - photos, words, colours or anything you want and stick them up somewhere you'll always see. The point being they are things you want to attract into your life, things you want to start doing, ideas, vibes, places to visit,  dream jobs, outfits ... 

Finding the motivation to be creative or just finding the motivation in general is really hard so making vision boards is a great way to visualise and mess about because you get to be creative whilst making it but also discover what you want to explore now, in the future and what work you want to do on yourself...for yourself.

hello from me! 
I just bought this sheer top from a local charity shop y/day!
Loving the girly punk 90s vibes lately: frilly, sheer top paired with some black high-waisted jeans and a punk chocker/collar  

song i listened to whilst making this: Amy Winehouse - October Song 
In the sanctuary she has found
birds surround her sweet sound
and Ava flies in paradise
and Ava flies in paradise